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Celo is thinking about switching to Polygon for Ethereum Layer-2

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VIDEO: Celo Considers Transitioning To Ethereum Layer-2 With Polygon Chain
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Celo is exploring the feasibility of migrating from its standalone blockchain to an Ethereum Layer-2 network. The platform had planned to utilize Optimism’s OP stack. 

However, Polygon Labs co-founder Sandeep Nailwal suggested Celo consider using Polygon’s CDK for the deployment. 

Celo Considering Transition To Ethereum Layer-2 

cLabs, the primary development team behind the Celo platform, had unveiled a strategy that would see it transition from a Layer-1 to an Ethereum-compatible Layer-2 solution. The team added that it was considering utilizing Optimism’s OP stack to make the transition. Optimism’s OP stack is a customizable toolkit that leverages Optimism’s ‘optimistic’ technology. However, Sandeep Nailwal, the co-founder of Polygon Labs, suggested that Celo consider using Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK). Polygon’s SDK toolkit is an open-source toolkit that facilitates the creation of a customizable layer-2 that is powered by zero-knowledge (zk) technology. 

Sandeep Nailwal Pitches Polygon SDK 

Nailwal posted the proposal to the Celo community on the platform’s governance forum. 

“Polygon Labs is excited to welcome Celo home to Ethereum in the chain’s transition from an independent EVM-compatible L1 to an Ethereum L2. As Ethereum devotees obsessed with scaling, we are beyond excited to see Celo expand into an emerging and thriving Ethereum ecosystem and help extend Ethereum block space.”

Nailwal stated that the shift would allow Celo to leverage the benefits of operating as an Ethereum Layer-2 solution while also preserving the fundamental traits that had propelled the chain to success. The proposal also highlighted several advantages for Celo should it adopt Polygon SDK, such as cross-community collaboration through the integration with an ecosystem of layer-2 solutions powered by zero-knowledge technology. 

Advantages Of Polygon SDK 

Polygon SDK also significantly enhances compatibility with Ethereum by providing an environment akin to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This would ensure a seamless transition for Celo while matching Ethereum’s technical infrastructure and tooling. Nailwal also added that deploying with CDK would allow increased security for Celo, allowing it to leverage Ethereum’s consensus layer while also benefiting from the security of zero-knowledge proofs. 

“Migrating to an Ethereum L2 is a large technical upgrade that should come with built-in Ethereum alignment and as-close-as-possible developer experience, without compromising security.”

Regarding fees and scalability, Nailwal stated that Celo could benefit from low fees thanks to the zkEVM validium architecture and off-chain data availability supported by Polygon SDK. These would enable highly cost-effective transactions, and enable greater scalability for Celo. Nailwal also stated that Celo would gain access to a unified Layer-2 economy by being part of the Polygon ecosystem, thanks to the combination of the Ethereum mainnet and the Polygon ecosystem, creating a seamless environment for developers and users. 

Overall, Nailwal added, the proposed migration to Polygon SDK would represent an opportunity to Celo to seamlessly transition into an Ethereum layer-2 while harnessing Polygon’s zk-powered technology. 

Polygon SDK 

The Polygon SDK toolkit was released in August and allows developers to build blockchain networks using ZK proofs. The open-source code base enables developers to interconnect chains through a ZK-based bridge, creating a unified layer called the ‘value layer.’ Cosmos-based layer-1 blockchain Canto has already announced its migration to a zero-knowledge Layer-2 on Ethereum via the Polygon SDK.

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